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MNSURE Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Period for 2016 started Nov 1, 2015.
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MN Sure: Your Gateway to Health Insurance Shopping in Minnesota

MNSure Org | Minnesota Health Insurance Marketplace | MN Sure.orgSince its official launch on October 1, 2013, the U.S is already worked up to implement the new Affordable Health Insurance plan in every State. In regard to this, MNsure org is up and running to accommodate all the citizens in Minnesota to enroll and start enjoying the benefits of the system as early as January 1, 2016. is optional, you can also get health insurance from any insurer directly. MNsure org is the official health insurance marketplace in Minnesota, MNsure acts as a one-stop health insurance shop for all Minnesotans to get assimilated into the new affordable health insurance plan.

The resource provides a suitable forum for each American-Indian living in Minnesota to choose a health insurance plan that is affordable and best meets his or her health needs.

If you live in Minnesota and currently uninsured – then MNsure is an option. This is a state-run resource with a sole objective to empower you, put the destiny of your health in your hands, and provide you with the necessary tools you need to make this possible. By enrolling through MNsure, you can be able to qualify for a subsidized plan, or even a free one.

MNsure is established to assist uninsured Minnesota residents, either individuals or families, solo business owners, and employees of small businesses, to obtain affordable health insurance plans under the new health care system. American-Indians living in Minnesota can now enjoy the rights, and benefits and opportunities of the new affordable health care through MNsure. If you are an employee and you have been getting health insurance through your employer, it is upon you to decide whether to retain your current plan or make a change through MNsure.

However, the Marketplace provides you with an opportunity to compare all the options available for you as an individual so you are able to make the right decision. Concerning this, you may not qualify for subsidies if your employer offers an ‘affordable’ plan for you. Subsidies through MNsure include assistance inn paying monthly premiums or tax credits. It is also important to understand that employees sent by their employers to register through MNsure should do so through the Small Businesses and Employees Section. The benefits of enrolling through the official marketplace are many.

As a Minnesota resident, options are open to you to compare and contrast. MNSure presents a wide range of health and dental plans from recognized and qualified providers in the state. The resource is also equipped with all the information you may need regarding enrollment, and other important dates connected to the affordable health care system. With just one application, you are set to enjoy the benefits of the new health system. You will not be denied coverage based on your pre-existing condition, nor will your coverage be cancelled in case you become sick.

Getting through MNsure is not a difficult process. All you need to do is create your account with all the necessary details, including your first and last name, go through a short questionnaire to determine your qualification for any subsidy, choose a fitting plan and sign up with your first premium. You will, in the shortest time possible have created an account through which you will enjoy all the benefits of the affordable healthcare.



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