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Maryland Health Connection Insurance Marketplace 2016 Open Enrollment Period starts November 1, 2015 and will end January 31, 2016.

Maryland Health Connection gov | Health Care gov Maryland | Health Insurance in Maryland | marylandhealthconnection.comYou can get health insurance through the marylandhealthconnection gov Marketplace, OR choose to buy health insurance from a major provider. Use the box above to get free quotes from health insurance companies that provide health insurance to Maryland residents.

The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare law is now in force, and for the first time in history, most Americans are going to have control over their health coverage. Maryland Health Connection gov is the official agency to implement all aspects of Obamacare law in Maryland. The main objective of the agency is to bring closer to all citizens of Maryland the services and benefits of the new health law, and enable them to purchase a health plan that they can afford. As such, Maryland Health Connection is the official Health Insurance Marketplace in Maryland.

Health shopping made easy

As a resident of Maryland, now you have the power to choose which health insurance plan can work for you and your family. Maryland Health Connection is a state-specific agency established to ensure that each Maryland citizen gets access to the services of Affordable Healthcare, and an opportunity to select a plan that matches his or her financial capability. The resource is equipped with appropriate support services to help each member individually thorough the enrollment process and any appropriate advice as required under the new healthcare law. Even if you have previously found it difficult to afford a health insurance in Maryland, now you can afford even a private health insurance plan, courtesy of Maryland Health Connection.

Your Health in your hands

Under the new health care system, which is implemented by the Maryland Health Connection, you are now empowered to choose a health insurance plan that can work for you based on your individual needs. Enrolling through Maryland Health Connection comes with various advantages. Through the agency, you can qualify for side benefits that can pay for, or subsidize you health plan. Aside from that, you or a member of your family can qualify for side benefits such as Medicaid, or Maryland Children Health Program, which can greatly subsidize your monthly contributions towards your health plan. In the end, you will find that the new health care system gives you power to make the right choice regarding your own health and that of your family, which is very important.

Benefits of enrolling through Maryland Health Connection

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As a citizen of Maryland State, you can derive several benefits from the Marketplace. Apart from giving you the power to decide on your health matters, the agency provides you with all your health coverage options in one place, which gives you the best opportunity to select what is applicable in your case. You make application through one form only, and you are able to enroll yourself and any member of your family once you decide on the best health plan for you. Soon after registration, you are eligible for coverage as early as January 2015. The Marketplace also serves the interest of employers who would like to buy coverage for their employees. The new law protects your choice of health providers and you can choose a doctor of your choice within your provider network. You are also eligible to free preventive services such as screening, doctor visits and medical check-ups, among others.

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