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Oregon Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period started November, 2015 and will end January 31, 2016.

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Affordable Health Care in Oregon

May 2014

Oregon abandoned its plans for an independent online exchange after it failed to launch, and state officials said fixing it would be too time-consuming and expensive. Instead, Oregon last month decided to switch to the federal portal, making it the first state to do so.

Cover Oregon com is the official health insurance Marketplace in the state of Oregon. This is a state-owned resource with an objective to provide most, if not all citizens of Oregon with affordable health care services.

The new Obamacare health care system in Oregon requires that all citizens get the opportunity to enroll for affordable health plan either through their respective states, known as health insurance Marketplace OR directly through an insurance company.

NOTE: Enrolling in a health care plan through coveroregon com is optional. You can shop around directly to major health care insurance providers by using the form on top of this page. Then compare.

In Oregon State, optionally, applications and enrollment are done through the official agency to allow each individual to access the services provided under the new health care system. If you are a lawful citizen of U.S and you live in the State of Oregon, for the first time you can shop and compare variety of health insurance plans available in your state.

This privilege is available to all citizens of Oregon, courtesy of Cover Oregon. Through this resource, you can explore all the health insurance plans that are available in the state and choose one that best meets your health needs and financial capability.

With this opportunity, you are likely to land a plan that can best cover your medical as well as dental needs at affordable or subsidized cost.

Coverage through CoverOregon com include medical, dental, Oregon Health Plan, Healthy Kids, among others. The marketplace is available for individuals and families, employers and employees, tribes, agents and community partners to explore the services and opportunities available. Open enrollment for 2016 is October 15, 2015 – December 7, 2015. In order to get started, you simply need to fill out an application form, which you can do with assistance from the agents and brokers who are ready to help you go about the application and enrollment process.

Individuals and employers can also get financial help to enable them make the right decision when they are applying for a particular health plan. By enrolling through cover Oregon, you are accessible to various health plans that are qualified and come with a number of benefits.

As the new Marketplace for health insurance in Oregon, the resource is well equipped with tools and resources to help members with a successful shopping and enrollment. The FAQs section will answer most of your questions regarding application, plans, and payments. Through the site, you can also get regular updates through reports and newsletters. Oregon is a cosmopolitan state comprising Native Americans, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese communities. For this reason, Cover Oregon has updated content in all possible languages in the state for easy understanding.

Individuals who wish to apply for subsidized premiums can do so through special application section dealing with health coverage and financial assistance. Upon successful registration, you are entitled to all the benefits under the new health system, which offers free preventive services such as cancer screening, diabetes management, skilled nursing facility among others. The new health insurance system comes with various benefits and the only way to get access to such services is to enroll through the Cover Oregon resource.

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