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Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Period for 2016 starts November 1, 2015 and will end on January 31, 2016.

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Nevada Health Link Com: Linking Nevada in Health facts:

Nevada Health Link Explained | NevadaHealthLink com | Nevada Health Insurance Marketplace

Nevada Health Link |

Nevada Health Link is the official health insurance Marketplace in the State of Nevada. This is a state-run resource to assist all citizens of Nevada to assimilate into the new affordable health insurance program that kicked off on October 1, 2013. The main aim of the program nationwide is to provide all American citizens with affordable health insurance.

The state of Nevada is committed to implement this objective by creating a forum for its citizens to view all the options available for them and finally purchase a plan that matches their needs. Nevada Health Link is therefore the official implementing agency of the affordable health care program in Nevada.

Linking Nevada in Health

As a state-run agency, the main aim of the health insurance marketplace in Nevada is to provide its citizens with a suitable platform where they can shop and make comparison of various health plans available in the state under the new health care system. The resource is free for all citizens and businesspersons in Nevada to explore and make the right decisions regarding affordable health plans.

Open Enrollment for Nevada Health Insurance 2016 runs officially from November, 2015 through January 31, 2016.

Upon which members enrolled by December 7 will be eligible for coverage by January 2016. As a Nevada citizen, you should take advantage of this opportunity to enroll within the period so you can be eligible as soon as January 2016. That is why Nevada Health Link was established, to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to shop for the appropriate health plan that can best meet your needs.

When you enroll through the state resource, you have the freedom to compare all the available options and choose what best works for you. It is also good to know that your application will not be turned down due to any pre-existing health condition such as diabetes or cancer. Nevada Health Link provides equal opportunity for every citizen and what you pay as premiums is based on your annual income. You or a member of your family can also qualify for tax credits or financial assistance to subsidize the premium payments. The resource has put in place navigators and enrollment assisters, brokers and agents to help the citizens with enrollment and selection of appropriate plans. Remember that it is the information you give in your application that will determine the right kind of plan for you. Plan categories Health plans for Nevada citizens are divided in various categories to suit the needs of each individual.

The lowest-premium package is bronze while the highest is platinum. Those who need frequent medical attention should choose the platinum package to enable them pay less for the services they receive. Alternatively, if you see a doctor less frequently, you should choose the bronze package that allows you to pay less as premiums but more when you get medical attention. All Nevada citizens are free to join the health link, whether they have some form of private insurance or they are uninsured. The resource is well equipped to handle any question from the residents through its statewide call center (1-855-7NVLINK), online chat and website, and in-person agents.

Nevada Health Link Com


Nevada Health Link Explained | NevadaHealthLink com | Nevada Health Insurance Marketplace

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