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Kynect Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period started November 1, 2015 and ends January 31, 2016. You have the option of buying health insurance from aka KY Connect Health Insurance OR a major health insurance provider.

Under the Affordable Care Act, it’s possible for many more Kentucky residents to get insured, including those with pre-existing conditions and those who used to have no coverage option that fit their budget. Also know as kyconnect.

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Note: You might have searched for KINECT Health Insurance or kinect insurance looking for KYNECT Insurance or KYNECT Health Insurance.

Kentucky Residents: If you wish to compare plans – you can also get quotes from the Kentucky public exchange (

About the Health Insurance Marketplace – Kentucky

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Connecting Kentucky In Health – Kentucky Health Insurance Marketplace

Most, if not all Americans will need to have health insurance.

Against this backdrop, Kentucky State has come up with a resource that will operate in tandem with the requirements of the new Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care system in America.

Kyenroll is the official Kentucky Health Insurance Marketplace, where all the citizens of Kentucky State will have the opportunity to shop for various healthcare plans, and eventually purchase a plan that best fits their needs.

The health insurance marketplace in Kentucky is set to provide individual citizens, families and small business owners, with a suitable one-stop shopping resource where they can shop to find the best healthcare plan they need.

Kentucky Health Insurance Marketplace | KY Connect Health Insurance | kynect gov | | kyenroll gov | kyenroll com | enrollment period for 2016 starts October 15, 2015, all citizens of Kentucky are advised to make use of the opportunity, which gives them eligibility for coverage as early as January 2016. Kynect, the official Kentucky healthcare connection, is set to help members to receive payment assistance, check their qualification for tax credits and special discounts, so they can find coverage that fits their individual, family or employee needs. During the open enrollment period, all Kentucky citizens should make use of the resource to compare various health insurance packages in the market and check if they qualify for other programs such as the Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program or Medicaid.

The one-stop shopping experience provides Kentucky residents with an unbiased online application, where only one form is filled out to take care of the whole process. Although paper applications are also accepted, online application is faster and more convenient for most people. Kentucky Health Marketplace allows the citizens to have control in the health plan they choose, similar to online booking of an air ticket or hotel. To ensure that the enrollment process goes on smoothly, Kynectors and insurance agents are in place to assist the members with any question or advice concerning their registration.

Special savings

By enrolling through the marketplace, you can end up saving a good sum of money if you qualify for help in paying your insurance costs. This is mainly based on your income. Kynect also allows you to apply for other health assistance programs such as Medicaid or the children health insurance program, which eventually alleviate the amount you pay as your monthly premiums. Small business owners, with up to 25 employees can also qualify for tax credits through the Internal Revenue System.

Getting started with Kyncect – www kyconnect com

The KYCONNECT open enrollment period runs from Nov 1, 2015 to Jan 31, 2016.

Coverage starts as early as January 2016 for those who will have registered by December 7, 2015. These are important dates that each Kentuckian should take note of. Failure to meet the December 7, deadline will result in paying a fee according to your income. That is why Kynect is set to ensure that all citizens of the state are enrolled for the Affordable health coverage as soon as possible within the open enrollment period so they can be able to start enjoying the benefits.

Kentucky Health Insurance Marketplace | KY Connect Health Insurance | kynect gov | | kyenroll gov | kyenroll com |

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