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Obamacare 2016 Health Insurance Plan

Obamacare will actually lead to many families paying more for their healthcare than they were before the law went into effect. Forbes

Obamacare Health Insurance Plan, obamacare_gov-1AARP Obamacare. AARP is one insurance company that provides Obamacare health insurance.
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Obamacare gov – October 1, 2013 made a historical difference in America’s health sector: the Obamacare health insurance plan was launched. This plan is set to transform America’s health insurance policy to create affordable healthcare for all legal citizens. Based on federal poverty index of different individuals, the program is set to make accessible adequate healthcare services as one can afford. You can choose to get insurance through the obamacare gov ( site, OR directly from insurance companies. Use the form above. Then compare. You might save on your premiums!

This implies that the program is not free, but it gives each person an opportunity to get medical care with renewed attention. Although Obamacare met stiff opposition from some parts of the country, the plan is a relief to many Americans, who previously could not afford adequate healthcare. That is evidenced by the overwhelming numbers, which turned up for enrollment on the first day of its launch.

As a legal citizen of U.S, it is important to understand some facts about this plan before you enroll.

  • First, Obamacare health insurance plan is a government-based health insurance scheme aimed at providing adequate healthcare services to all legal citizens of America.
  • Secondly, the program was launched officially on October 1, 2013. Open enrollment 2016 kicked off on November 1, 2015 and will end on January 31, 2016.
  • Insurance coverage takes effect from January 1, 2016. As you can see, these are important dates and each citizen should be covered within the open enrollment period.
  • It is important to note that those who are already covered by private insurance, Medicare (65 years and older) or Medicaid, are not affected by the new law.

You may wish to get Medicare Supplemental Insurance,

which helps pay for health care expenses Medicare will not cover. doesn’t exist. is a commercial site.


Penalties for not having Health Insurance

For legal American citizens who will not have enrolled by Jan 31, 2016, there is a penalty. As an individual, you will pay a fee of $95 per year or one percent of your annual income. Besides, this figure is set to rise by 2016, when you will be obliged to pay $695 per year or two and a half percent of your annual income. Therefore, you have two options to choose from; you either take advantage of the open enrollment period and get covered in three months time, or pay a fee.

Based on peoples’ reaction on the day of its launch, many citizens are impressed by the plan. Huffington Post Business reported that about three million people visited Obamacare Exchanges as they tried to shop for the new health insurance plan. The plan comes with an exciting shopping experience similar to booking a flight or accommodation according to your financial strength.

This is based on a state-specific health insurance marketplace, which enables American citizens without health insurance to be covered according to what they can afford. Although the open enrollment plan has experienced some technical glitches in some areas, most people are impressed and want to take advantage of the period. The new health insurance scheme comes with various advantages for the American citizen.

Once you are covered, you are able to get adequate healthcare you need, when you need it. The program also comes with free preventative care, which includes screening for systemic diseases, vaccinations, regular medical check-ups and many other services. With the new health insurance plan in place, all American citizens are able to benefit from adequate healthcare.


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