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Affordable Care Act – Healthcaregov Shows Early Success in Arizona

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There is a positive indication that Arizonas are slowly, but surely starting to enjoy the benefits that come with the Affordable Care Act. The state residents last week showed up at doctors offices and pharmacies with the new insurance policies. Hospitals, insurers and doctors reported that it has been a trickle so far, and they expect greater numbers to both use the benefits and enroll into the Affordable care act in the days to come.

This news comes on the backdrop of the announcement by the Obama administration that the number of of enrollees has passed the two million mark. The congress Budget office estimates are that 7 million Americans will enroll in the first year. This means that 5 million Americans need to enroll before the end of March to attain this goal.

There was limited enrollment in the months of October and November due to technical difficulties with the federal website healthcare. Gov In the state of Arizona, a Republican leaning state only 3,601 residents have enrolled to be covered by the Affordable care act through November. That being said, the Federal government is yet to release an update for the state, enrollment experts and health insurers reported that there was a sharp increase in enrollments in the number of signups in the past month.

The CEO of Meritus, a new-formed health insurance company that is based In Temple say that they are getting a lot of calls and members are in pharmaceuticals for refills. She further added that it was “business as usual for most part.”

The Arizona Medicaid program which got a boost under the Affordable Care Act has also reported more success compared to the federal marketplace. By December 27,206 Arizona Adults had been approved for the state Medicaid program. Despite this improvement, a lot of plugs are still in the system. Arizona Medicaid program estimated that up to 20,000 residents did not successfully register despite willingness to do so.

Monica Coury, assistant director of intergovernmental relations says that she cannot say with certainty when the federal government website will digitally transfer accurate information from the enrollees to the state.

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