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Health Insurance Marketplace – Connecticut

AccessHealthCT Health Insurance Marketplace 2016 Open Enrollment Period starts November 1, 2015

Access Health CT com – Access Health CT: Transforming Health of Connecticut Citizens

Health Insurance Exchange Connecticut

AccessHealthCT com | Access Health CT Health Insurance Marketplace | accesshealthct.comWith the new healthcare reforms, Americans in every state will now be able to purchase healthcare insurance plans in their own states. The reforms allow for the formation of state-specific marketplaces or Exchanges to allow residents of a particular state to shop for their own health insurance.

“An executive from the largest Massachusetts health insurer has been chosen to oversee fixes to the state’s failed health insurance website, the Patrick administration is expected to announce soon, in a move that one health policy specialist said signals a recognition that the pace of repairs is too slow.”

If you are a resident of Connecticut, is the preferred marketplace for you. Here you will find all the information you need to purchase you health insurance plan, and important timelines that you have to abide by. Connecticut has tailored its marketplace to suit the unique needs of its citizens.

Nearly one-third of enrollees in Connecticut’s health insurance marketplace are between 18 and 34 years old, early data show.

The numbers represent “a very good start,” said Kevin Counihan, CEO of the marketplace, called Access Health CT.

“Obviously, we’re all interested in making sure that the risk pool is as balanced as it can be,” said Counihan, speaking Tuesday at Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman’s Health Care Cabinet meeting in Hartford.

Connecticut Health Insurance Applicants

For many years, most Connecticut residents have been struggling to pay for their health insurance premiums. With the new health insurance reforms in place, every Connecticut resident is set to receive adequate and affordable healthcare, thanks to the Obamacare health insurance plan, which was launched officially on October 1, 2013. In Connecticut, you can now shop and compare various health insurance packages and choose one that you can afford.

The Access Health CT marketplace is tailored to meet healthcare needs of individuals, families and small businesspersons living in Connecticut, so they are able to have power to access adequate healthcare. The federal government through the Tax Credits subsidizes the premiums, so you can find it more affordable to pay. This means that all your healthcare needs will be catered for, including regular checkups, doctor’s visits, screening and others, without having to incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

The Insurance Marketplace in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has come up with a quasi-public agency to address its health insurance marketplace. The main aim of the agency is to provide Connecticut citizens with a forum where they can have their healthcare needs addressed, according to the requirements of the new Affordable Healthcare Act. Here they can shop, apply and become eligible for coverage as soon as January 1, 2016.

Many of CT residents are already impressed by the program, as evidenced on October 1, 2013, when the state’s official health insurance Marketplace (, received an overwhelming 28000 visitors ( The marketplace is organized on a three-level coverage system namely gold, silver and bronze, to allow its citizens to choose the category they can afford. Apart from catering for the needs of individuals and families, the marketplace is also ideal for small businesses, which would like to have their employees covered by the system. Workers covered can have their premiums subsidized by the Federal government’s Small Business Health Care Tax Credit through the IRS. Employers should get adequate information about this on the IRS official website.

Goal and Mission of Access Health CT

With its 14-member board of directors, Access Health CT is focused on giving all the residents of Connecticut a platform on which they can address their healthcare needs as they make use of the newly initiated Affordable Healthcare plan. This in the end will lead to more insured citizens, lower healthcare costs, improved health of the citizens, and elimination of healthcare differences.

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