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New Mexico Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment Period starts November 1, 2015 and will end January 31, 2016.

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Shopping for Health Insurance in New Mexico facts:

As the official health insurance Marketplace in New Mexico, NMHIX is a state-owned resource to enable the citizens of New Mexico to view their available health plans under the affordable health care system. In order to achieve its prime objective, NMHIX seeks to answer basic and most important questions about the new health system. Its main goal is to connect all the citizens of New Mexico State and help them to choose a health plan of their own choice, which they can pay for and use with confidence. You can get to know NMHIX by asking the following questions:


  • This resource will provide you with a new way to shop for, and select an affordable health plan for yourself and your loved ones. It belongs to the state of New Mexico and its citizens and everyone is given equal opportunity to benefit from its services.


  • Health insurance is part of our lives, and for the first time in history, almost all Americans can have better access to affordable health insurance. NMHIX COM is set to implement the services of affordable health care in New Mexico, to enable you to get affordable health care for yourself and your family. With the resource closer to you, you have all the resources you need to get started.


  • If you are a resident of New Mexico, currently uninsured or you cannot afford your employer’s health plans, you are eligible to enroll for coverage through the New Mexico Marketplace. You are also eligible for enrollment through NMHIX if you are considering a health plan with better options than what you currently have. Small business owners, with less than 50 employees can also purchase coverage for their employees through the official Marketplace.


  • The enrollment process starts in October 15, 2015 and will run until December 7, 2015. Enrollment through the Marketplace is done through a sign-up process that enables the members to apply through the official website, where you can sign up yourself or get assistance from a health care guide, agent or a broker.


  • As a resident of New Mexico, you should utilize the opportunity offered during the open enrollment period October 15, 2015 – December 7, 2015. These are key dates to help you go about your health insurance shopping and decide on the best plan for you as soon as you can for faster coverage.
  • The process of application is simple. Once you have created your account with all the relevant information, you will be able to view all the plans available in your area and choose one according to the information you have provided in your application. Some of the information you need to put in your application include your annual income, family size and members, and your names among others. NMHIX also presents members with opportunity to qualify for tax credits or other services that can subsidize their premium payment. Once you choose a plan that is suitable for you, you can proceed and enroll, and keep coming to the site for more updates about the status of your plan.

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