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Have healthcare through Below is a step by step guide on what you should do: Step 1: Check with your employer to see if affordable insurance will be offered in 2015. If it was not available in 2014 it could have changed. Step 2: Do nothing or something. If you selected the box, which allows to access your medical records, yearly your 2014 subsidy and insurance will be automatically renew in 2015. Step 3: If you wish to make changes to your policy, you may sign up for a different marketplace plan on, or over the phone. If your...

The step-by-step: Getting insurance

Need healthcare coverage and want subsidy to help pay for it? Here is what is needed to be done: Step 1: Check with your employer to see they offer health care options. If they do find out how much the monthly premium will be. If, it is un-affordable, does not exist, or is poor quality, you may be able to obtain federal subsidy to purchase healthcare from the website. Step 2: Log onto the website or call 1-00-318-2596, small businesses should call 1-800-706-7896 to find out more about the marketplace. Step 3: Enroll for coverage on the...
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