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First Month Report:

87% of Americans who purchased 2015 polices through in the first month of open enrollment are receiving financial assistance to lower their monthly premiums.

Reports released by the Department of Health and Human Services provided the first detailed analysis of enrollment during the first month of 2015 open enrollment for Obamacare. About 87% of Americans have selected healthcare plans on the website, which will start Jan., 2015. They were determined eligible for financial assistance to help lower monthly premiums, compared to 80% of enrollees who have selected plans over similar periods in 2013.

More than 3.4 million consumers have purchased plans through December 15 in 37 states, which are running their own marketplace for 2015. More than 600, 000 Americans have selected polices in the 14 states, which are running their own marketplace for 2015.

Open enrollment for will end Feb. 15, 2015.


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